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North Eden Dachshunds

The Coolest Miniature Dachshunds in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Daisy Peachy Pearl Hermione
Jackson Junior Max

These are the original stars that make up the foundation of NorthEden's bloodlines. They are all retired now but our pups are descended from these, our fabulous first Dachshunds. Click on an image to go to that dog's page.

Welcome to North Eden where the dachshunds frolic in the forest. We strive to breed healthy, happy miniature dachshunds with great temperaments and excellent conformation. All of our dogs are from champion bloodlines, AKC registered and carefully selected for their ability to better the breed. We are crazy about our doxies. We love their long bodies, noses and ears, and short little legs. It's so funny to hear their pounding feet when they run along the path as fast as their little legs will carry them. We also love the amazing variety of coats and colors they come in, but the thing we love most about dachshunds is their incredible personalities. They are loyal, playful, friendly, loving and smart. Absolutely the best all-around dogs we've ever met.

For more information contact us:
906-297-DOXI (3694)

Oscar and Emmy