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North Eden Dachshunds
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Her official AKC registered name is North Eden's P. JellyBean

Miss P enjoys lounging on the sofa, looking cute and looking for trouble.
Her favorite color is yellow.
Her pet peeves are toy snatchers and cameras.
I don't know if she is guarding the younger puppies or thinking Why do they get to be in the cage and I don't? after all, the laundry room was originally her bedroom.
PJ is turning out to be a really neat little girl, full of fun and mischief and love. So far she looks like she might have the makings of a real show dog. Her conformation looks great but she refuses to stand nice for the camera, she will do well with more training and discipline. This is a great age for that too, as she is going through a phase of really wanting to please me and be my buddy. Any of you who have raised children or puppies know about these phases, or windows of opportunity to have an especially good influence on your young prodigies.
Last updated July 28th, 2010


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