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Four 1/2 Weeks Old - Their First Supper

June 20th

Hello Kibble!

June 20th - Today is the big day the pups got their first taste of solid food. I use Loyall puppy food and soak it to a mush. I'll just give them a little the first day and wait 24 hours before I give them more, just to be sure they handle it ok.

Well they like it! No hesitation at all, they just dove in! Of course they didn't eat all of that, Mom helped a lot.

After dinner cordial in a sunbeam.

I put a crate in the nursery that they can go in and out of to play and nap. This will make it easy to train them to sleep all night in a crate later on, it is like a safe comfy den. Emma crawled in right away and went straight to sleep.

Kirby seems to think it looks pretty cozy.

Atticus made friends with this pink creature.

They are getting sharp teeth now.

Kirby is either biting or tickling Atticus. Kirby has a silver ear.

...too cute for words.

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